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Published on October 1, 2009 By judah528 In Marriage

My wife and I(I really like saying that) had dinner last night with our photographer. We went knowing we were going to get to see our wedding photos but that was not the reason I was most excited to go. I was super pumped to see his chidren. My wife has been nannying for them for the past few months. And while we were on our honeymoon we talked about how we missed their world of the wiggles and drawings that look nothing like what they are supposed to. When we arrived last night, their two girls greeted us outside and their son remained inside because he had to finish his picture of a pig on the etch-a-sketch that he was drawing as a gift. It was so good to get hugs from them and see the joy on their faces. They were as excited as we were about us getting married and it showed.

One of the coolest things is that we didn't even have to break out our baekgaard checkbook to pay for the photos because he traded them with us in exchange for my wife watching their kids for a certain number of hours. That deal began a long time ago and now that the number of hours are dwindling we are all looking for ways to strike another deal. I'm racking my brain for ways we could use a photographer and I'm sure we'll find plenty.

Once we finally put the kids to bed, we were able to see some of the pictures. He created a slideshow of the top 95 and we watched them together. It was neat to re-live that day for a few minutes. The pictures turned out wonderful, I couldn't be happier.

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