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Published on August 20, 2009 By judah528 In Ethics

I have some friends that play professional blackjack. They travel around the country going in and out of casinos gambling with the best of them. I have wondered for a while whether this is a morally legitimate business. My friends are always playing under the umbrella of a different personality in hopes to never be black listed from any casino worth playing at.

Being a blackjack player with other people's money certainly does have it benefits. Traveling to Atlantic city and Las Vegas stayng in free hotel rooms enjoying Cusano cigars while playing. Not to mention the vouchers casinos send the players for anything from grill tools to enigma perfume, don't forget the long list of jewelry, all free. I can't argue against the benefits but is the way that they are getting those things wrong.

I've always believed lying is wrong, so does it become right when it becomes a part of business. I have issues with this, but ultimtely I don't have the answers.

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