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Published on August 10, 2009 By judah528 In Life

I'm at home visiting and as I sit on the couch in our living room, I find myself surrounded by pictures. The life of my family from our mickey mouse clubhouse days to the engagement photos can be seen in almost perfect clarity. Honestly, I was one of those kids who was embarassed to have a mom who brought her camera bag everywhere. You never knew when she was going to get her next shot.

While mom was taking pictures of the girls in their ballerina or gymnastics outfits and me in my davy crockett or medieval helmet, I would find myself constanly frustrated. "Aw, another pic mom?" became a common term of endearment for my mom and I. Though at the time I did not realize what I realize now, that forgetting is a theme of life. If left up to myself I will forget today, tomorrow. Remembering is a huge theme throughout history from the days of the Israelites til now. We are forgetful people, and will, by nature, forget everything good thing that has happened to us.

I am thankful that my mom has done and is doing her part in helping my family remember where we have come from in order that we can better see where it is the Lord, our God desires to take us.

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