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Entering a Fantasy World
Published on August 3, 2009 By judah528 In Life

So I realized something the other day while I was at home watching an episode of Burn Notice. I realized that it is easy for me to get too caught up into the fantasy world of television and movies. It can almost become debilitating, especially for anyone who has real responsibilities. I realized that I was wanting my life to be a drama like in the movies or on broadway.

I find myself disappointed that I am not a spy like Michael in Burn Notice or a super hero like Ben 10. In the process of maximizing what I am not, I will minimize what I actually am, and what I really am doing with my life. Just because I am not wielding pirate flags and swords doesn't mean that I am not living a joyful life.

God has planned out my steps before the world was created and I just need to learn to walk faithfully in those steps. The more T.V. I watch the more I realize that I should be watching less because it is leading me to believe lies about my life. Movies portray the fictitious lives of people, and viewers see it as reality and wonder why their lives are nothing like that. I really need to understand what I am believing as I am engaging with popular media and culture and run from the lies and cling to the Truth.

on Aug 03, 2009

Play video games instead.

How do you know getting hooked on TV and movies isn't God's plan for you?

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