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October 2, 2009 by judah528
In a new telephone survey by the lovely people at the Rasmussen Report says that 75% of Americans think that Americans are getting ruder. I wish this surprised me, but it didn't. I think all of us have first hand experience with this truth. Even the people you expect people to be the kindest like hospital nurses or teachers have developed dispositions that have made them ruder than ever.

We live in a world where people are more concerned about their sheepskin boots and armani suits than the p...
October 1, 2009 by judah528
My wife and I(I really like saying that) had dinner last night with our photographer. We went knowing we were going to get to see our wedding photos but that was not the reason I was most excited to go. I was super pumped to see his chidren. My wife has been nannying for them for the past few months. And while we were on our honeymoon we talked about how we missed their world of the wiggles and drawings that look nothing like what they are supposed to. When we arrived last night, their two girls...
September 29, 2009 by judah528
Praise the Lord, I am now a married man. I have spent the past week on my honeymoon(which explains my absence) and am now back in the real world ready to love my wife the way Paul commands married men to. We spent 7 nights in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. When it was finally time to leave we were both ready to come home.

Both of us recognized the importance of a honeymoon away from family and friends. It was good to have some time away from the fast paced life of laptop cases and meetings, ...
September 12, 2009 by judah528
Tomorrow, the married men in my church body are going to hold a prayer breakfast for me. My wedding is now one week away and they figured the best thing they can give me in some awesome prayer. Maybe with enough prayer they wont have to bring a nurse in to revive me when I faint. People keep ask me if I'm nervous, and I just tell them that I am ready for this awkward planning period to be over so I can have a Cusano cigar on a beautiful Caribbean beach with my new wife by my side.

I am just e...
September 11, 2009 by judah528
I live in an area of the country where the summer has not felt like summer at all. There were only a few weeks of blazing hot weather, which is nothing compared to last years summer where I felt like it never cooled down. Instead of the heat, there have been beautiful, cool days. The reason for the title of the article is that I heard someone attributing this to global cooling and I just thought it was funny because this time last year someone was attributing the weather to global warming. I'm j...
September 9, 2009 by judah528
My fiancee has been doing a lot of babysitting and I realized that some parents are very protective and selective with who can babysit their children. I guess it makes sense, but from what I remember my parents would take anyone they could get their hands on. Then on the opposite end of the spectrum are parents who won't settle for anyone short of a nurse. Families want a babysitter who will not only watch their children but will form relationships with them. They want babysitters who will show ...
September 5, 2009 by judah528
Just got home from IKEA. We were given pretty significant gift cards and decided to stock up on a few things we needed for the apartment. That store is crazy. It probably has one of the best business models of any business I have ever seen. They have anything and everything under the sun. I could go to pick up dowel pins and end up having a swedish meatball dinner in the cafeteria, while they watch my kids in the nursery. Every time IKEA thinks of a reason that people would not come to the store...
September 2, 2009 by judah528
It seems like daily I'm reading about soldiers and people being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in large numbers. I've come to grips that as long as people are alive, there will always be kiling. No amount of 5.11 gear or preparation on anyone's part will stop a man's desire to kill.

What happens is that people become convinced that they have the most honorable ideals and they are willing to fight for those, even to the death. Reporters with their zoom lenses and crumpler camera bags snap phot...
August 31, 2009 by judah528
In the past year there have been a couple of stories about people being kidnapped and hidden for, not months, but decades. This blows my mind. I can't imagine leaving the world you against your will and not being able to enter back into it for almost two decades. People who do things like this blow my mind, I'll never understand.
August 25, 2009 by judah528
It has been crazy to hear about the CIA interrogation techniques that have surfaced in the past few weeks. This issue has been really hard for me to wrestle with. Not necessarily their methods of interrogation but the question of how should interogation be done.

Obviously men in 5.11 pants toting drills that are not being used for putting in wood floors is not acceptable. Articles report mock excecutions happening to scare prisoners into giving up information. There is no doubt that these rep...
August 21, 2009 by judah528
As an almost married man, coming up with date ideas is a constant thing. As I have been coming up with ideas, I wanted to recommend to everyone that going to a broadway show is a great date. You can find cheap boradway tickets online then search for a restaurant that she enjoys nearby, and finally find a nice place to have a cup of tea afterwords and you are set. Make sure you read some reviews of the show you plan on seeing, some are much better than others.
August 20, 2009 by judah528
I have some friends that play professional blackjack. They travel around the country going in and out of casinos gambling with the best of them. I have wondered for a while whether this is a morally legitimate business. My friends are always playing under the umbrella of a different personality in hopes to never be black listed from any casino worth playing at.

Being a blackjack player with other people's money certainly does have it benefits. Traveling to Atlantic city and Las Vegas stayng i...
August 19, 2009 by judah528
Mark Driscoll has plenty of insight for men. I encourage you to browse around his sermons and listen to some of the ones dealing directly with men.
August 17, 2009 by judah528
I was wondering how important it is for me to watch the news, read a newspaper, or even update myself on world events online. It seems like no one is really doing these things anymore. The only people that are doing these things consistently are also building model athearn ho trains in their spare time. Being up to date on international affairs has become something that is primarily left to older generations. My generations, Generation Y, has seemingly made a collective decision to care more abo...
August 13, 2009 by judah528
Every generation gets a chance to change the world
Pity the nation that won't listen to your boys and girls
'Cos the sweetest melody is the one we haven't heard
Is it true the perfect love drives out all fear?

U2's song crazy tonight makes a great point. Every generation has a chance to change the world. When I first heard Bono sing these words I was really convicted and challenged. I started to think about what my generation would be known for. Would it be our obsession with Baggalini ...